Friday, March 25, 2011

Nurturing our boys

I have been wondering, as I watch my son grow, what does "normal boyhood" look like? What is acceptable? How should he act? Del Tackett addresses these questions and more on the latest "Cross Examine" episode. If you are raising a little (or not so little) boy you need to watch this!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Singing scripture

The idea of worship is supposed to include all that we do in our lives, doing it for the Glory of God. But there is also the worship where we sing and praise God with our voices. Did you know that could include memorizing scripture? How about with your kids?

I have been trying to find ways I can include my own kids in the worship part of my life. The singing kind. Now, we don't have to be fabulous singers to take part in this. I think it is most important that we do learn how to have a song of joy in our hearts. And if we do it should come out naturally throughout our day. What a powerful thing it could be if at random times our kids hear us singing praises to the Lord. They too might just adopt the same attitude throughout their day. Now imagine how much better it could be if we add scripture to those songs!

I have found recently some of that very kind of music. The kind your kids will gravitate towards as well as the kind you will want to sing along with. It's catchy, has good melodies and will at times, move your heart.

The first is Scripture Lullabies. This is the music that will soothe your child and touch your soul. It is truely beautiful music. I have downloaded one free song and am planning to buy the rest of the album. A must have!

Then there is Walking with the Wise by Sovereign Grace Ministries. This is so far one of my favorites. Full of fun and energy.  Especially the song W-I-S-D-O-M! You won't be able to get it out of your head. (And you won't want to!)  Sovereign Grace Ministries has many other great cd's that I have sampled, both for kids and adults.

Seeds Family Worship is the one I stumbled upon most recently. This one sounds like a lot of fun as well. It has the bible verse and it's reference woven into the song. There are several themed cd's available   like Seeds of... Character, Courage, Purpose and Encouragement. The story behind how this music ministry started in pretty cool too.

So whether you sing along or just listen to these while you are at home with your kids, it really doesn't matter. You will be learning the word of God and impressing His words upon your children's hearts. That IS something to sing about!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Preparing for Lent

It is amazing how we can get so far away from where we want to be... where we need to be. I have wanted to incorporate the event of Lent into my life for many years, but without a reminder or those around me participating I have completely forgotten to even find out more about it. Committed Catholics talk about it enough that I have also thought it is meant more for them than a born again Christian. I was wrong. And this year I am going to be a Lent participant. And if I am going to do it, then I want my children to take part as well. This should be interesting...
I have found a great resource that we can use to explain Lent to our children and help them choose what they might want to give up. Lent starts on March 9th this year, so you still have some time to get ready.
From a personal blog, simply stated- 
I'd love to hear what your family decides to give up and what your children learn from this experience!