Friday, March 4, 2011

Preparing for Lent

It is amazing how we can get so far away from where we want to be... where we need to be. I have wanted to incorporate the event of Lent into my life for many years, but without a reminder or those around me participating I have completely forgotten to even find out more about it. Committed Catholics talk about it enough that I have also thought it is meant more for them than a born again Christian. I was wrong. And this year I am going to be a Lent participant. And if I am going to do it, then I want my children to take part as well. This should be interesting...
I have found a great resource that we can use to explain Lent to our children and help them choose what they might want to give up. Lent starts on March 9th this year, so you still have some time to get ready.
From a personal blog, simply stated- 
I'd love to hear what your family decides to give up and what your children learn from this experience!

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