Monday, July 13, 2009

New Links

If you haven't looked around the page lately look down at the area reserved for quick links to other time worthy sites. I have added some recently, specifically links to those sites with great resources we have talked about in bible study. One of those websites is Family Life and a Family Life Moms Blog which also offers great little reads that will encourage you or give you a laugh as we journey this road called motherhood together.

I really cannot say enough great things about the ministry of Family Life. I am a podcast listener mostly these days and often find myself listening to their broadcasts in the car as I drive to the store or wherever I am going. Sometimes I skip a message I cannot quite get into, but for the most part I am amazed at the relevancy these topics and lessons have in my life.

A couple of months ago I listened to a series on the importance of books in your life and your children's shaping the moral character of their lives.
They gave descriptions of these stories and they were fascinating!
available to purchase directly from Family Life. Or go directly to Lamplighter Publishing to see their list of recommended reading for your child's age.
Whether you like to read or not you'll want to buy them all!

Family Life is heard on 93.9 KPDQ at 9:30 am and on 102.3 Way FM at 10pm on Sundays.

Not to be forgotten is the also impactful Focus on the Family heard on 93.9 KPDQ at 7 and 11 am and at 8 pm.

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