Monday, October 17, 2011

Hard Questions

Here is a tough question. You may not want to think about it but...

What do you do when children view pornography? I don't mean the kind we often think of, lengthy videos or full magazines, although that is not out of the question. What about something a peer brings to school or something laying around in a neighbors/ friends house? These are not the kind of scenarios we want to think about. In fact it may not have crossed your mind to be concerned. You might not think that others around you could possibly own any of this kind of material. Or maybe you are someone who has seen pornographic material yourself at some point in your childhood and don't understand why it's a big deal. Well, let me tell you. It is a big deal. Focus On The Family has a very informative article that explains why it is something to be concerned about and what we can do to safe guard our children or help them if they have come into contact with such material.

This is more of a real problem than we'd care to admit. And it's not just for men either.  I saw my first pornographic images at the age of 11. I then stumbled upon it again during my teen years... while I was picking up trash in the outfield property of my church! It's not like it's limited to the streets of low-income/ drug dealing towns. It can be anywhere. Especially now in the days of the home computer and the internet. Those images don't go away either. They are burned into your brain and affect a lot about the way you view sexuality, your body and your worth as a child of God. I am thankful that I didn't struggle with any kind of addiction to pornography, but it still did some damage. By God's grace I pray my own children won't have to wage any battles of this kind. I pray they won't ever see any of it. But if they do.... I want to be ready to help them.

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