Saturday, October 18, 2008

An amazing story!

I have a very special woman that I want you to meet. Her name is Gianna Jessen and she has cerebral palsy. She also survived an attempted abortion when she was delivered at 7 1/2 months gestation.

I know this is a very sensitive subject and I want to be sensitive to those of you who may have experienced this at some point in your own life. My heart feels deeply for you and I pray that this broadcast will only help bring healing and forgiveness to you that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ can give.
He desires to restore you to wholeness and loves you right where you are.

Here is the link to the broadcast that Focus on the Family aired with Gianna Jessen and her incredible story of faith and forgiveness. on the family daily&broadcastDate=2056-01-01

If you wish to listen to another broadcast with guest Gianna Jessen, Focus on the Family has another powerful broadcast through Citizen Link that is political in nature. It has severe implications on our upcoming election for President of the United States. I ask that you prayerfully listen and consider what you hear.

a daughter of the King,


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